Posted by: marilynmendoza | September 24, 2011

booktour 2011

How does one go from hiding in a closet too afraid of everything to traveling from Hawaii to London with many stops in between? Not easily!  I had my share of mishaps, including a torn cornea, numerous falls on cobbled and cracked sidewalks and moments of panic. But it was all worth it. I met a women in a train station who kissed me in London after hearing my story. I had missed my train and was feeling nervous after missing a train to a town in the North of England. So much for the myth of Londoners being cold. I saw a woman peeing in the street in Paris after announcing “St Martin, St Martin and peeling off her panties to the horror of most tourists. Not me though. I just wondered if St Martin was the Saint of Pee. She had a nice bottom though. I was not privy to the front view which my daughter told me was not as attractive.

My memoir is “From Agoraphobia to Zen” and though there have been arguements (almost a fistfight even ) during my readings on what Zen is, I know what it means to me. It means to not hide in closets and to live in the moment. I hope to help others who hide in closets come out. I am not talking about gay people here (not that there’s anything wrong with that) My daughter is a lesbian. I am talking about fear and trauma and rape and mental illness and panic.  That might not sound like fun but I’ll do my best to lighten your load.

There are other experiences on my infamous booktour, one including a hooker truckstop motel where we were sent to by a travel agent who shall remain nameless for the moment, and hitching a ride with a truckdriver.  To sum it up travel is speeded up living. I like that because at age 60 I haven’t the time to slow down. My daughter calls me the oldest teenager in the known world except when she has to pull off my socks. I walked more miles, talked to more strangers, and ate more butter than I have in a year.  So maybe my next book will be called – the strange travels of a former agoraphobiac- or maybe like I told my daughter who took a plane from Paris in the morning to catch the same plane to Minneapolis. “See you in Iceland”  How many times do you get to say that in a lifetime. 

I am here to help, amuse and vent for my continued healing and to help others in their journeys from mental illness to happiness and sanity  Aloha from Hawaii



  1. Sounds like your experience was wonderful and will be great to hear more about. I had my mishaps just in my own little community so I can just imagine traveling. However, you should be very proud of your accomplishments. I am very proud of you and glad to share what I can with you. Your friend Janice

  2. Looking forward to hearing more about your travels…Thanks for the invite!

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