Posted by: marilynmendoza | September 28, 2011

My inner Project girl Tiny defends Chic

so I called the “inhumane” society to try to save a neighbor’s dog who had moved and left him there all alone. Why do people do that.? When they finally came, found a deserted house with the dog without water, the guy says to me. Madam your dog is very overweight, the abandoned dog is normal. I told him. without the “you idiot you” that almost leaped from my mouth., Chic is a Havanese. That’s all hair. She weighs less than ten pounds. He is shaking is head. I want to clock him. This young pip-squeak  is dissing my dog.
. I start using Chic like a weight holding her up and down over my head. This is hair. See!! Why do I feel like the bad dog owner. she just needs a haircut and all the groomers are busy. I have been gone on a book tour. He hardly looked chagrined. But I am. Why did I have the urge to defend myself. I am not totally in Zen I guess. But Chic is the love of my life and my Brooklyn project former gang girl came out. She was called Tiny as in Tiny terror. Then it was only terror but anyway. Chic is not fat. She is just hairy. ok. 3 wigs of hairy. Until next week. I will post her hairy photo when Jacksonian my bf comes home. . .As for the dog next door I through the poor thing some food and he went into his trashcan. Why do people have dogs who don’t want, need or care for animals?

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