Posted by: marilynmendoza | October 16, 2011

Words that should never be written in a memoir or anywhere else

Words are what we writers use to persuade the reader to keep on reading yet there are words and I am almost guilty of using them in my memoir that should not be used ever.  Some of the “catch phrases” I almost used are in my memory bank somewhere but honestly (and that’s one of the words)  I can’t tell you where or how I learned them. Just please don’t use them.

“She blithely spouts” instead of “she said”   What!

“Matter of factly:


suddenly — Stephen King will kill you for this one and I think he can

very suddenly  Just show what is happening in words not cliches

suddenly astute   HUH?

suddenly anything

wanna   My students were amazed that wanna wasn’t a word.

very anything,



almost any adverb ending in LY  Make your words count and count on not using these words. If you wanna use them, face the consequences of your book being thrown in the trash.

 Ps.  where did I get blithely spouts anyway?



  1. […] reading “Words that should never be written in a memoir or anywhere else” from Marilyn Mendoza’s blog From Agoraphobia to Zen, I wondered how often I had used suddenly […]

  2. I liked this so much, it inspired a blog post. Honestly, I wanna thank you very much, te, he.

    • Thank you for your comment. How can I find your blog? aloha

  3. Good comments. I totally agree and have this drilled into my head by members of my critique group.

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