Posted by: marilynmendoza | October 21, 2011

Why my dog is better than a man

1. She follows me from room to room. My man just watches TV and drinks beer- ps he told me to say the beer part

2. She knows I am slow, so helps me put on her harness and  collar. Really!

3. She will do tricks for food.  Well, my son does that too but they are bad tricks

4. She is so happy to go to bed with me.  again my man just …, TV, computer, and cigars. (he told me to put in cigars)

5. She is so happy when she wakes up, she jumps in my bed and licks me.  again my bf – oh forget it

6. She thinks I am great even if I fart in her face. by accident- he he

7.  She is patient and never lies.  My man just avoids telling me anything that might upset me.I get VERY ANGRY WHEN I’M UPSET   just joking

8. She doesn’t care what I look like or if I gain ten pounds, bf gets scared of how I might gain 100 pounds again (see last post)

9. She is complicated in a good way. She knows how to manipulate me without making me mad. 

10. She doesn’t cheat on me.  My man also knows better than to do that to a Latina




  1. Very funny, Marilyn!

    • Thank you Boyd, and it’s ACTUALLY all true

  2. nice! I just noticed your post on a page where mine was also posted… my dog passed away yesterday. it’s really hard when they go.
    btw, really cute dog!!! 🙂

    • Dear Cakes,
      I’m so sorry about your loss. I am so bonded to Chic I can’t imagine losing her. This is my first dog. aloha

  3. Your dog sounds like a sweetheart. Mine are the best friends I could ever have imagined having. Nice post.

    • Thank you Theresa? She is my life and though I joke about a lot of thinks, she changed my lfie for the better. Aloha

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