Posted by: marilynmendoza | October 23, 2011

I’ts getting hot in here and I don’t mean menopause

me and my butt at the beach

  Let me state first I am not a cougar. Yes, I am 61 and my “boyfriend” is 40 but to be a cougar you must have a bit of money and I’m a starving author (literally because I’m on a diet)  Also my boyfriend is 40 and at 40 you are fully baked.  Right now he supports me. He is my companion friend and occasional sex partner. I say occasional not because I am 61 but because he is tired, REALLY tired. I tell him to check his T cells he tells me to go to …. nah-he would never say that. He is a pastor’s son.  maybe that is part of the problem. But believe me I am after him every second he is home.  I used to flounce around in lingerie. He liked it but I rarely GOT it, so now I set a date. Today is the day. Ok, I’m a hot older woman

 I should also say I am not a “normal” woman in the sense I don’t like female oriented porn. If you read my book,”From Agoraphobia to Zen” there is a chapter called “A box falls on my head”  The box was my father’s porn collection. Since then I have an odd fetish for the most outrageous porn and although this  has not served me well in my life it is what it is..  I like things that would make some men queasy. I don’t want to do it, I just want to see  or read it.  My bf on the other hand is very old-fashioned and rolls his eyes if I talk “dirty” in bed. The only dirty thing he ever said. was “yea baby”  Oh, maybe I said that.

Pornography is a difficult subject because I’m now exploring spiritual matters as people my age tend to do.  Pornography and things of the spirit just don’t  jell well. So, I have given up my passion for porn and settled for work a day once a week sex, if I’m lucky. But occasionally the urge will come upon me to look at porn. My friends laugh when they see MY porn collection. It’s just a few magazines but I have fiddled with the idea of writing porn.I just think mine would be so much better than what I’ve seen out there. But if you know some good ones,you can let me know- pant pant

Please don’t think I don’t care for my man. I do. He is the best thing that ever happened to me beside my dog Chic but what makes younger men today so tired?  Ok, he works, I get it! but I don’t get it.  I work too. This blog is work, I clean,  well, not like I used to but I can clean. I can cook. I don’t cook much anymore because after four kids and four husbands it doesn’t do it for me anymore. My man watches those cooking TV shows like it IS porn. I don’t get it. He hardly eats. It’s sort of like me looking at porn.


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