Posted by: marilynmendoza | October 25, 2011


   Before I wrote a memoir, I wrote spoken word and prose. I didn’t think of myself as a poet but back then I didn’t think much of myself . So I start here with some words I just found on a napkin ready to be thown away.

                                     Cut me open, look inside

                                   within these pages I do hide

                                     tell the truth, not aloof

                                          blood and tears, you be the sleuth

                                           I laugh with joy

                                            all those monsters could not destroy

                                            My inner child, kind and mild

                                            secrets out now, I do not bow

                                              in shame or blame,  I am the same

                                             healed with words, not disturbed

                                         fear today, went away;  read and see how life can stray

                                      gentle breeze

                                             no disease

                    shining sun,  Yes, I’ve won


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