Posted by: marilynmendoza | October 31, 2011

A fitting poem for Halloween. “Haunted Owl”, a time I was also haunted by my loneliness, demons and skeletons

Pueo means short eared owl in Hawaiian and is sometimes likened to a family ancestor or deity (aumakua) who takes the shape of different species. I wrote when I was mentally unwell to soothe myself from the horror of my life. Then I wrote a memoir that ended the confusion that was haunting me. I hope you enjoy my Halloween post.  As Shakespeare said. “All’s well that end’s well”  and I am here to prove no matter how “spooky” your life is if you take out the skeletons from your closet and turn to truth and animals for comfort you can enjoy your life. Happy Halloween Boo!

Haunted owl

You are not as maligned as I

You sit with intelligent eyes

As others ignore your cries

Yet, you are not as alone as I

You reach out to me with psychic spies

Yet all I hear are lies

Pueo, speak to me with gentle mews

I’ll listen for your cues

Show me how to live

Instead of one who gives until nothing is left

Is it better to be you, not lonely, heart askew;

alert, but holding back, waiting for the enemies attack?

All I ask of you Pueo blue

Is make me be like you


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