Posted by: marilynmendoza | November 4, 2011

Manila Palm a poem by Marilyn Maya Mendoza

Bent but not broken

My Manila Palm is still here making me work picking up its white seeds and reaching for my roof declaring it’s intent to live.  I am happy it is here. It makes me feel hopeful that everything is here for a reason. I am strong!

I’m told it is a Manila Palm

destructive, will break my cement, enter my plumbing

It must go, be uprooted before it takes over my life

The two Filipino yard men  tell me this in all seriousness

I peer at the gnarled roots

reaching out to me in an arthritic grip

Why Palm, are you holding on so tight?

You are alone in your battle

Planted by my phantom Samoan tenant

along with a luscious Areca palm

You scream your existence

Here I am, see me, hear me!

I just want to be acknowledged

I am not a beauty like my neighbor

But I hold my own in your garden of life

Let me be, It will cost you one thousand dollars to uproot me

Alex and Rolando hold no sympathy for me

Watch them whispering when you ask “how much”

They only are concerned about milking your money

You ignorant woman. Believe in me

I am smarter, aggressively clinging to life

Digging in for the long-term, unmovable stoic

Learn from me, Let me be 


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