Posted by: marilynmendoza | November 6, 2011

Wayward night–a poem by Marilyn Maya Mendoza for anyone who has felt the pain of being betrayed and abandoned

                              The wayward night pulls me into the cyclone of your dreams 

I can’t breathe 

Your being fills me to the depths of happiness 

I touch your hand, you’re here 

No more tears 

Lie down with me in a corn meadow field  

I’ll stroke your hair till morning 

The cruel day brings me back 

No, let me stay in this glorious unconscious  black dream 

I can’t bear the day if I lose you



  1. Marilyn I captured the moment in that split second. This took me to that brief moment. Keep it up lady! Don’t forget to stop by my page and let me know what you think :0) go to and leave me a comment there. I enjoyed this one :0) Best to you and keep writing!


    • Thank you Ty,
      I am so happy I can post a blog. I as so busy writing my memoir that I couldn’t read or write poetry. Poetry is my heart , how I survived life and I am posting one today. I do have time now to check out blogs. I will do so today. Life is so exciting and new aloha marilyn Maya

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