Posted by: marilynmendoza | November 9, 2011

Passion, a poem by Marilyn Mendoza (Maya)

This poem was written a few years ago during a love affair that almost turned into a disastrous marriage. I still have passion but not in a way that hurts. Also check out my profile which explains my journey a bit

My love is white-hot fire

cooled and shamed

By your indifference and disdain

Can you be both blind and mean

Not to see inside of me?

What I feel, what I do; to always reveal the man in you

You hunger for passion, but never learned

The benefits that loving back returns

Don’t hide away and hurt the one

Who bring you bright moon and burning sun

Leave your anger, leave your blame!

I’ve never learned to play that game

Feel the sea, the raging sea

The woman who personifies ecstasy



  1. I often wonder how someone who is supposed to love someone can demonstrate such behavior that causes such deep distress and pain to the other. I have to believe that they do not think about the pain they are causing. Either they are not aware or something prevents them from thinking about it. I cannot believe that my husband would have done what he did if he had thought about the pain it would cause me. No human would want to inflict that amount of pain on anyone but their enemies, so why would my husband want to do that to me…I have done nothing but love him ( even when he was unlovable).. It’s my view that they don’t think they just DO. I’m sure he still does not realize what he did, and never will.

    • I’ve been through that kind of pain a few times and they say the first cut is the deepest. But pain is pain. I was always surprised when I got burned. Take care aloha

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