Posted by: marilynmendoza | November 13, 2011

My life is a poem

I finished my memoir and decided to clean my nest and all I find is scraps of papers and books with poems. Poems when I was struggling, poems when I was desperate. in love,  shattered by love  and even a few when I was happy but the scraps of paper put together is a life; my life. I am gathering up my life in these papers and honoring the child, the woman, the broken person whose life is written down in poems. Here , I found one that is not so bad I think. I was in love,  he was cruel, he couldn’t love me, a familiar story yet so tragic when it’s happening to you.

Goodbye my love

You were not sunshine,

Like a black cloud, foreshadowing my fate

you hovered for years

more your enemy than mine

Your words were bitter as beer poisoning my self worth

Your heart like ice -storms battering my soul 

Yet, I held on to this ship of fools

like a drowning child,

clinging to its dead mother

knowing, yet not realizing

the end would be a release

for both of us

I feel dead and buried

like sunken treasure

ready to be revealed yet hidden

I need magic; a pioneer, a pirate, a poet

to find me and revive me with a salty sea kiss

Yet, I will never forget you

You were my teacher, my guide to the inland sea

I lived in a fantasy

that love can conquer, can be infinite

Now the only question on my parched lips is Why?

But there will never be an answer

I do know one thing

I will die with your name upon my lips



  1. A beautiful poem that shows you can write poetry as well as you write prose.

    • Thank you Alan,
      As always I am grateful for your words of encouragement. xxx

  2. Love your writing!

    • Thank you Anne,
      Getting to know you, and your writing I am honored that you like my work

    • Thank you Anne, I am honored that an artist I am getting to know thinks I write well. I have read your blog. Wow!

  3. I love the lines “you hovered for years / more your enemy than mine.” We can all relate to that at some point in our lives. We all have someone to whom we’d like to say that.

    • Hi Julie,
      He really was his own enemy and in retrospect did me a big favor by dumping me. I think he cared for me enough to dump me because he didn’t want to abuse me and couldn’t stop himself. Thank you for reading

  4. Sizzling!!

    • Thank’s Connie D. Next poetry slam. I am sooo ready

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