Posted by: marilynmendoza | November 16, 2011

OPAL – a poem for a man I once loved by Marilyn Mendoza

I am constantly amazed at the amount of time and creative energy I spent on unworthy men. Yet, I am left with an awareness of how my mind tried to deflect the pain I was in by writing. I feel surprised at the passion that I felt for a man who was not bad, but because of illness couldn’t give me the romantic love I so craved my whole life.  This poem was created not in my teens but at 50 when some people might think I should have known better. I think if nothing else it is a reflection of how my poetry evolved though my choice in men remained stagnant.


Changeable as the moon, the opal reflects you

Signifying colors, depths and moods

From milky white to Peruvian green

Ashen with rage and jealousy

You are smooth as silkworm

With clever comebacks

Never clear, always opaque

Then the clouds part, and with daybreak”s burst of light , you shine like fires mind,

then suddenly cool with opals quickness

I can’t quite catch you



  1. another lovely poem

    • Thank you. I can’t seem to stop blogging. It’s your fault Alan lol

  2. Fire and Ice come to mind! Dangerous and elusive

    • Hi ConnieD,
      Yes, elusive can be dangerous. aloha

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