Posted by: marilynmendoza | November 18, 2011

Poetic Power by Marilyn Mendoza

I live in a beautiful place that has mansions, Disney Resorts and poverty living together in a strange stew in a  mostly harmonious arrangement. However, sometimes I looked out of my bus window and saw things that were not what an ordinary  tourist would think of on this pristine coastline of  paradise. This is a poem I am considering reading at a poetry slam. Please let me know if you think it is worthy.  Aloha ps, hale means -house and heau (Hawaiian shrine or temple)


Turquoise water laps hungrily toward the lonely tent

a formation of rocks surround the hale, a heau of sound 

The ancient  man lives apart from the other shelters of tarp and old umbrellas

fortressed against the hot bulb of Hawaiian heat 

I imagine a warrior of old, his tattered banner, declaring his pride, his identity

his homeland ripped away by invaders, leaving him this speck of beach, this refuge of stability 

He lives literally on the edge, unashamed, unprotected by the palms and unadorned vehicles

that buttress the others who have been abandoned by greed 

Then shelter shutters as his flag , his life is lifted high as if by supernatural force, then

Strong ocean winds sing to me, his voice, many voices

                       I AM HAWAIIAN!



  1. This is strong! I like this a lot you could make it longer or NOT–your call.

  2. I so enjoyed this poem Marilyn and found it both mooving and interesting.

  3. Thank you Lorraine, I am glad you enjoyed this poem I wrote while riding on the bus to work. Thank you Connie. You are right. This one is as it is meant to be. But I have a longer one not on this subject for the slam.

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