Posted by: marilynmendoza | November 30, 2011

Publicize, Shumblicize Platform Ratform

     I’m told I don’t sell myself well enough.  I should be on the cover of N.Y magazine but they don’t want me. No other magazine wants me either. I’m told it’s because I don’t have a platform and I am not a good sales person. I’m half Jewish and my grandfather on my mother’s side sold rags out of a pushcart.  but I don’t think granddad  made a lot of money. Rags are useful, especially when you are poor. You can use them in so many ways  as cleaning supplies and  fashion and not only doo -rags either. But I digress. I just don’t like selling. Selling is an art I have not been blessed with. I’ve never even worked at McDonald’s though I once ate there before the movie “Supersized” came out. Then I got grossed out with the guy throwing up soda and stuff.

The truth is I do have a platform. I wrote a book about healing from agoraphobia. Well, I’m not totally healed but I am on the way there. I just have hit bump on the road because of publicity. I am forced to do things I am not happy with so I don’t do them, like put the link to my book in every twitter message, every email and every blog I belong to. I hate when people do that. Why should I do that? Oh, so I’ll get a platform. NO, I don’t think so. I think I’ll get unfriended by every virtual and non virtual friend if I did that. I’m told I don’t have the self esteem to build my platform. Hey. I went to London to sell books. Ok, I went to see my friends I made not promoting my book he. he  Actually and you know this negates ever thing I’m going to write next. I did sell a few books in London. More importantly I was liked there. I like to be liked more than I like to sell books. Maybe I do have a self-esteem problem but I think it’s good self -esteem to want to be liked. I used to have to be liked and that’s not so good but again I digress.

I think you can sell books without being annoying. I don’t know how yet, but I’m trying to figure this out. This is my first book. I think, ok, I know I wrote a meaningful book and maybe one day it will be discovered; hopefully before I’m dead. Although, and this is also not a good word, dead author’s sometimes get famous and it’s not that bad for the family  if not for the author. He/she might or might not know if dead, if they are famous or not. I’m still working out the Zen part. But I digress.

 I recently got a fan letter. Yes, I said it A FAN LETTER,  and it felt good. I was called a WARRIOR and I like that word. I’m going to write a poem around that word and write a fan letter to my fan for saying it. It felt good but it does nothing for my platform I’m told.  So I will end here telling you about my platform. I write to heal, end the stigma against mental illness and stop bullying . I write to make myself happy and other people laugh or cry or feel something. Feeling is underrated. People are inundated with war, evil and chaos and put up barriers to feeling anything in order to protect themselves. Writers try to reach people and platform or not I will continue to write.

 So, in order to publicize my book I will say I was interviewed on another blog and will give the link here. I hated writing that! But if it reaches someone out there who can’t leave the house or has no hope I will force myself to be annoying. I have an event coming up this Friday. I am going to read my poetry. But I won’t publicize it. I have to feed my dog.



  1. Hi, Marilyn,

    Boy, do I relate to this! I’ve been looking closely at this whole “marketing” thing, and it’s annoying. I know it’s part of the deal, but it’s definitely not one of my strengths…and sometimes I feel like it eats up WAY too much of my time.

    One thing I learned with my first book that might be helpful: I thought I was not only being annoying, but obnoxious, when it first came out because it was all I talked about. Then one day someone said, “Say, did you ever finish that book?” I realized then why advertisers repeat their message over and over again. It takes a while to get through…so you may not be nearly as annoying as you think!

    You have an amazing story to tell, and so many people can benefit from your words. Good luck to you as you go forward.

    • Thank you Nadine,
      I appreciate your comment more than you know. I just don’t want to throw my memoir down readers throats hoping one will stick. ugh that is not a good metaphor. But, I hope that somehow people find my memoir. aloha

  2. I feel your pain. lady. And I agree (to a point.) When social media and marketing began to feel natural, I started enjoying it. But it still interferes with my “life.” gREAT POST.

  3. Thank you Anne,
    I appreciate your comment. I think there is a fine line between marketing your book and being annoying. There is a woman on twitter who says the same thing in different words about how I should buy her book. It turns me off. aloha

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