Posted by: marilynmendoza | December 6, 2011

My special letter for “special”people

People who hang up on you when they can’t win an argument. (You know who you are and did you get my FU letter)?

People who are argumentative and confrontational.  (so what, who cares?) did you get my letter?

People who chain their dogs up and don’t pay attention to them

Same people around the corner whose dog barks all the time. Hello? wish I could send you a L E T T E R

Famous people who don’t appreciate their good fortune

People who think they are the Queen and have a wedding that lasts days. You don’t deserve a letter K

People who bully vulnerable children to commit suicide, I wish I knew how to write when that happened to me. the bullying I mean

   I knew the power of words when my mother received a case of tuna from Bumble Bee. She had bought one can and it had nothing in it. She wrote them a letter and I was amazed when a man came upstairs carrying in 48 cans of tuna. She told me there is power in the written word. I have taken that to heart and now when something bothers me I write a real letter on real paper to complain, to say goodbye or  to help others who don’t have the power of words.

My mother passed away Dec 7 1995 and while she didn’t know the power of  negative Spoken words , she taught me a valuable lesson. Put it in writing! I miss you mommy. This is my letter to you tonight







  1. Another very touching piece of wriitng from a writer with a talent for showing her vulnerability – and by doing so, she connects powerfully with her audience. Thanks Marylin.

    • HI Alan,
      This post was inspired by someone who worked for me taking me to my appointments (I don’t drive and live in the country) and she hung up on me. I was stunned as I was not rude to her so I wrote a letter telling her no, not FU but what I do best thank you but never darken my doorstep again. It brought to mind not only why I love to write but how powerful a real letter can be aloha dear fiend and thank you

  2. Marilyn, powerful stuff in this post. I find letter writing to be extremely therapeutic. I learned just how much during my second year in college. One of my psychology professors suggested that whenever we felt frustrated or wronged, we should write a letter to the person, even if we never sent it. I will admit that only a few of my letters of complaints have ever been sent but catharsis has always been delivered as a result of the process. Dropping by your blog from Nadine’s! 🙂

    • Aloha Bella,
      I think letter writing is a lost art. It is powerful as well as therapeutic. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I will check out yours. I find it funny that most of the emails were related to the tuna fish aside. That really happened. Many people thought it was fuhny. thank’s again Marilyn Maya

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    • Risa is looking for “insightful posts on mental health” so please go to her blog “thinking outside the box” to submit yours. and thank you Risa for giving a voice to mental illness aloha

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