Posted by: marilynmendoza | December 20, 2011

How many photos on Facebook are too many? Part 2

Never enough photos of dogs

 Unless you are almost famous you should not have 300 photos on your profile. It makes me nervous to see that you are so into yourself and your life. Maybe I am wrong but I look twice before accepting friends with that many photos. There are caveats to this. If you are an animal activist and most of your photos are of dogs or other animals I forgive you. I do more than that; I take off my hat to you. There are other exceptions too. If said photos are in your brother’s album, well, you know what is said about not being able to choose your relatives. 

I used to be a person who never made waves or had strong opinions. I had opinions but kept them to myself. I was taught having opinions were for other people, mostly men and if I wanted a man I had to agree with men. I wasn’t important enough or smart enough to have opinions. I was also afraid of people beating me up or hating me or looking at me or hell, I was just afraid of everything.

 My father was Puerto Rican and my mother told me he preferred his sons over his daughters. She  blamed it on his being Latino. I blame it on him being selfish. He loved women or loved to take them to bed. He never read to me or told me a story before I went to bed. He was out most of the time with other women and I was left home with my mother when night fell, so I don’t think he really liked his sons better. He just liked himself better. Ok, so what does all this have to do with photos. I have a photo or two of me and my father. I loved my father so I treasure those two photos.  He once took me to Steeplechase park in Coney Island. I remember this so vividly because it was a rare event.  He enjoyed himself, Me, not too much. I was afraid of everything including the clowns at the park. I wrote about this in my memoir. “From Agoraphobia to Zen’, now available for sale before Christmas or Chanukkah.  ( I hate when people do this) Which brings me back to photos. I don’t like self-aggrandizing behavior. I don’t even  like selling things (like books) to people who don’t read or want to read my book. And I don’t like looking at photos of people if it’s going to take up my whole day. It is narcissistic. It is stupid. and I will maybe ;don’t hate me, not friend someone who loves themselves more than they like their dog or daughters.

My dad had lots of photos of himself, usually dancing or drinking with women. He never had a computer but he loved to look at those photos. He also loved to look at other photos; pornographic ones.  He didn’t hide these photos from his daughter as well as he should have. This might have something to do with his not respecting the female gender or maybe he just had too many photos.  So, if like me, a box of photos, porn or not fall on your head, virtual or non virtual, your friend has too many photos.



  1. A short sample of hilarity from Marilyn… if you want more (a lot more…) then read the book, you will laugh yourself well in to 2012… and beyond.

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