Posted by: marilynmendoza | January 28, 2012

The new economy; 7 signs you are 99% sure you are poor

1. You ask your boyfriend to color your hair with drugstore product.  You have to end the pretense that you are not partially grey. oh the “horror, the pain, the inhumanity” NY accent needed

2. You understand why packages in stores are open and one aspirin; one diaper; and YUCK one sanitary napkin are missing,

3. You borrow from your dogs piggy bank.  Only before payday and promise to pay them back. They don’t care as long as they get to walk every day. You feel guilty so give them an extra walk 

4. You start using all the small shampoos from you past trips. You call it frugal but some of those hotels should use better stuff and at least you once took trips

5, You stop shopping completely and wonder why so many people need to have stuff you seem not to need. I read that 90% of stuff in stores is not a need but a want.  I need to not want stuff

6, DIY is not just a term. You have to do everything yourself. My boyfriend is an IT specialist not a plumber darn it

7.You pay for your organic food with change from before mentioned dogs piggy bank. You should see the look on the cashiers face.  ah so what who cares?

You are smart enough to realize being poor isn’t so bad if you still have a boyfriend, dogs and a roof over your head. and gratitude in your heart



  1. Dogs have piggy banks?

    • Maybe I should call it a doggy bank.It’s for any thing related to the care of the dogs like coloring their hair. just kidding

  2. It sounds as though you are wealthy in the ways that truly matter!

    I had many “broke” years, and I am proud of the DIY skills I learned along the way and how I learned not to waste. I learned how to have fun without spending money, and I’m grateful for that. Even though I am in a better financial position now, I am still careful with a dollar and always will be.

    • Thank you Nadine,
      Today I am broke financially but the weird thing is if you had the experience of being in “rich situations” and poverty and you see the difference. My mothers always said Rich or poor, it’s good to have money lol

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