Posted by: marilynmendoza | February 17, 2012

Ocean waves goodbye; a poem , dedicated to fellow blogger Ms Jay

My coastline in Hawaii

This is a poem I wrote about a man I once loved. My sanity was hanging by a thread when he finished with me. I now know his leaving  was a blessing.  I don’t go to those dark places anymore but in those dark places good poetry is sometimes created


Goodbye my love

You were not my sunshine

like a black cloud foreshadowing my fate

You hovered for years

More your enemy than mine

Your words were bitter, poisoning my dreams

like ice storms battering my soul

Yet I held on to this ship of fools

Like a drowning child clinging to its dead mother

knowing, yet not realizing that the end would be a release

for both of us

I feel dead and buried

like sunken treasure

ready to be revealed yet hidden

I need magic, a poet, a pirate a prince

to find me and revive me with a salty sea kiss

Yet, I will never forget you

You were my teacher, my guide to the inland sea

I lived in the fantasy that love can conquer, can be infinite

All I wanted was for you to see me

Can the blind see?

I look toward the east where you are

and all I see are the majestic mountains

That surround my island in the middle of the ocean

The eastern sea is capricious

I don’t belong there

Yet, I hunger to know what a smile, a touch, a gesture signifies in your world

To know what you know

Our life together was the ocean

It brought us together, it separated us warm and salty

the good and the bad, the waves, the storm the undertow

and ultimately  I drowned in the white foam when the tide came in

I was hidden, only barely alive

The question on my parched dry lips..WHY?

I do know one thing

I will die with your name upon my lips 



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