Posted by: marilynmendoza | February 19, 2012

Language lesson, a poem for H in the land of Zen

                                  Language Lessons


 I loved your language, the soft gentle sounds shushing me to sleep while you spoke on the phone

I was never alone


I loved watching you write kanji so fast like a motion picture of ancient art that kept me in the dark

  And you so skilled you stood apart


I loved watching you bathe, a ritual as old as your ancestors, as water itself, to you so ordinary, to me, a baptism


I loved your culture, so defined, refined, a play where everyone knew their lines

 I loved watching you sleep, your aristocratic features shadowed in peace, your sweet release


 I loved making love to you, moving together in ancient rhythms so sacred it became my religion


  I loved watching you interact in your cultural boundaries, a world so foreign to me

Yet so civilized and intertwined


  I loved seeing your temples, your shrines, a world of isolation and annihilation

  I loved being a part of your inner circle you would protect from the castle invaders


  Like the Samurai, their lords

 Like a gentleman, their dogs


   Like the geisha their men

   Like the poet, their pen


 I loved being part of your world

  I could never really be a part of


  To live in a place where the tower of Babelexisted

    And the language of love was all that I needed






  1. This is beautiful Marilyn. Do you have enough for a book?

    • Thank you Anne Marie,
      It depends on how long the book should be. I am working on a continuation of my memoir.From Agoraphobia to Zen. It just seems poetry is trying to move to the top of the list lately aloha

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