Posted by: marilynmendoza | February 22, 2012

A hot poem for a man I once loved “PASSION”

Kaena Point Makaha Hawaii

My love is white-hot  fire,

cooled and shamed

by your indifference and disdain

Can you be Both blind and mean

not to see inside of me?

What I feel, what I do

to always reveal the man in you

You hunger for passion, but never learned

The gains that loving back returns

Don’t hide away and hurt the one

who brings you bright moon and burning sun

Leave your anger!

Leave your blame?

I’ve never learned to play that game

Feel the sea, the raging sea

This  woman who personifies ecstasy



  1. loved the game of anger& blame

    • Thank you, check out the photo. It speaks to me of the passion I felt

      • evoking your soul…nice

  2. Well done. There are other fish you an fry with your passion.

    • Thank you. That poem was written in the heat of passion with the wrong man.

  3. I enjoyed the analogy of the rage of the sea. It encapsulated the emotional theme that the narrator seemed to want to express to her lover.

    • Thank you Jessica K I felt exactly as you so eloquently stated at the time I wrote the poem aloha

  4. If your passion is like the photo, then it must be endless.

    • THank you. my passion for life is now endless

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