Posted by: marilynmendoza | March 10, 2012

Echoes Afar; a poem and some thoughts

When I didn’t think I was a person, I was a poet. When I thought I wouldn’t survive my anxiety, I became the poem. When I was asked why I wrote poetry I denied myself, I said no, I write words to make sense of my life. When my mother died, I grieved with poetry and realized it wasn’t wrong to say, Yes, I am a poet, Yes, I am a person, Yes, I exist. 

Echoes Afar

 I saw you yesterday as the clouds swirled through the fog that announced my pain

And I kissed your name

I see you today in my mind’s eye of photographic dismay

And I tried to pray

I feel you tonight as I close my eyes; I’m again in your bed

Fear is what I dread

Knowing your image is imprinted in a forever of white nights

And the echoes refrain


This poem was written at my mother’s gravesite where I kissed her name on her headstone, not realizing how much you can miss someone who loved you almost to death



  1. beautiful words …. sorry for ur grief

    • I had a lot of proccessing to go before I could come to terms with my relationship with my mother and it lead to my healing and my memoir. I think she would now be proud of me Thank you and aloha

      • she is i m sure 😀 and goodmorning

  2. Words like love are very powerful and have an everlasting mark on us.

  3. beautiful

  4. “…in a forever of white nights” I’m curious as to what that means. The fog that announced my pain: I hear that! The scars never quite heal do they? We survive and thrive, keep going, wear a smile but during those alone times, the pain likes to play peekaboo and remind us of the history we left behind. I bet you treasure that photo of the two of you. Hugs.

    • A white night according to a friend from France who passed away at the tender age of 35 is a night where sleep eludes you for the whole night. So, the night for you is day or white. That photo is in my memoir so it is not only treasured but documented hugs and aloha

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