Posted by: marilynmendoza | March 16, 2012

Slamming for Sanity; poetry is power

I am starting a month-long post with contributions from friends who either suffer from a mental illness or know someone who does. It is also for those who are healing and those who want to end stigma. I want to give a shout out to Ms Glen Close and her organization BringChange2Mind for helping us tell our stories in order to heal. Any poetry is healing but in my experience when I slammed, I had anger that was able to come out. Also the word sanity is not an exact term. The world is not sane, nor are its inhabitants but insanity to me means not functioning in the way you want; it means depression; suicidal thoughts, cutting; being afraid to go out like I was. Those are negative things. Sanity to me means taking the good and the bad that happens to you and saying OK, I can handle this. I am valuable. And so I wish all of those that read the poems and slams this month good mental health. We need to tell our stories. We need to end stigma against the mentally ill, and we need  to be understood.  I start with one of my slams that was shut away in a drawer awaiting its time to be shown to the world.  Aloha and enjoy


Soul slipping

heart tripping

mental flipping

love kicking

ass licking

words tricking

knife sticking

clock ticking

guitar picking

people sighing

government lying

babies crying

world dying

Angel’s praying

Preachers swaying

Scales are weighing

Angel’s praying

Preachers swaying

Scales are weighing


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