Posted by: marilynmendoza | March 18, 2012

Words, a slam I performed at a poetry/spoken word event

I recently took part in a poetry event/slam that was hosted by Habilitat a unique drug  rehab in Hawaii. I was in Hawaii when it was started in the 70’s by the late Vinnie Marino from NYC my part of the world. He was unique and his ideas have saved many young and older people. I was amazed at the talented poets among the residents as well as the guest authors.  I have an anxiety disorder and love spoken word not always a compatible match but I did my best and hope you will download the whole slam. It was organized by a great woman, Connie D, an awesome person and spoken word poet. This is one of my contributions and also is part of my slamming for sanity month. I hope to have some guest bloggers soon. I wish you all health and aloha, love

Words can hurt; I feel like dirt

Worse than a knife

They cut deep into my life

Cause pain; leave a pain

of joyless refrain

Words have power

to make you cower

Words start wars

by magnifying flaws

Wars are started by words and martyrs

who feel the anger

that hate inspires

But words can empower

Raise your higher

with love and compassion

worth a king’s ransom

Sticks and stones can break your bones

Do words hurt less?

I’ll let you guess



  1. Thank you Marilyn, still waiting to hear when we will be on Olelo. I will keep you posted. That said, you amaze me on a daily basis–I just want to affirm that I am blessed to call you friend.

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