Posted by: marilynmendoza | March 21, 2012

Slam fest continues with guest slam artists, readings in Japan and my slam The Chronic

The month of March is my Slamming for Sanity event and the contributions are trickling in. Here is one from a special friend Dina N.

Little hand clutching mine
                                               Muscles tensed beneath skin so fine
                                               Though you’ve put all your faith in me
                                               I’m following you
                                               Though you can’t see  


Reading Words is a seasonal Open Reading held in Osaka, Japan Marilyn Mendoza (3.26.06)


These are the poems from my sons first published book, “Sorrows Crows”


The sun was hot

I was alone

I longed for deaths last breath

to take me home

the road was long

yet still I roamed

filling my pockets full of stones

Hawaiian hills

that lacked the thrill

empty beaches

onward still

The pain that fueled

my quill to spill

the days I long to remember

to forget


I’m missing you

miss kissing you

till time is through

and rhymes come true

in songs soo blue

from me

to you

and wrongs of long

that I shall shew

through and through

till I’ve set my love aglow

from me

to you

till angels sing the songs on wings

and mortals follow through

that I shall stand with rod in hand

and stand beside my pew

and behold it’s you

it’s you

so come to me my love anew

and stand behind our pew

and sing the signs so true

deep within me

in you

deep in sleep sand slips and creeps

and lands in mounds anew

forever one is two


And I end with one that I recently performed at Habitat’s poetry slam event “Powerful words – Opening doors — The Chronic

Chronic loneliness is my diagnosis

A sort of psychosis where I just feel lost

At any cost

When life burns bright

I don’t have a light

Inside of me

To not be lonely

When life turns bad

I just go mad

Take my chances

Play dangerous dances

With unworthy men

Oops, abused again

Can I survive?

the sadness inside

that makes me lash out

to the me that’s without

a center within

not allow me to win

The hate that I feel

won’t allow me to heal

The scared little child

the chronic inside

who longs for release?

from the lonely disease

Attacks like sin

from within

to the core of my soul

Will I grow old?

without the light

that makes one feel right

with their place in the world

Yet hope is bold

when the truth be told

I will unfold

the skills that I need

to succeed

find the strength in me

to be complete

Now time has healed, my fate not sealed

Do you agree?

to join me?

And not be lonely




  1. you go girl…lol

    • I’m on a roll lol

      • just don’t roll down the hill and bump your head like jack and jill! 😉

  2. “Chronic loneliness is my diagnosis”..loved that
    I share you this in “Deceiving shades”

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