Posted by: marilynmendoza | March 25, 2012

When I was 13 and other slams I’ve written

I’ts been a long week. Another blogger Risa from “Thinking Outside the Box  posted a chapter of my book and I’ve been so excited, I am slow to finish the month of Slamming for Sanity. I want to add two today that poetry the vulnerability of a young me as well as the anger I felt when I was dumped with a Xmas card 6 years ago. Yes, a Xmas card. “Merry Xmas and btw, goodbye” It sounds funny now but I was stunned and hurt even though I should have left first. He did a good deed (our marriage would have been fatal) but as was his way

When I was thirteen

I was told I was gold

too precious to handle

to hot to hold

 At eighteen a man said I had luscious lips

He stared intently

While I made some quips

 Some men said I had lovely eyes

kaleidoscope color; especially wise

 My professor said I had a fine mind

Don’t waste it or lose it and always be kind

 All the guys said I had a  great ass

Curvy and soft yet firm to their grasp

 I was constantly told I had a great life

Exciting yet calm and free from strife

 But I don’t listen now to all that I’m told

I know what I didn’t know now that I”m old

I am not the child that begged for love

 I am the vessel that’s open pure as a dove


 For Hiroki

Fare thee well,

Go to Hell

Kiss my ass

Eat some glass

Jump off a cliff

You won’t be missed

I’m over you

My soul renewed

From your abuse

Your screws are loose

Was I your muse?

Were you amused?

Your sarcastic remarks

Your heart is dark

Get out of my mind

You were so blind

As well as dumb

My heart is numb

Get off my planet




  1. Giddy-up! Poem #2 speaks to me baby!!!! Piss off mean arse!!! Poem #1 is lovely too. Rock on!

    • I will post some of my other anger slams tonight. Thank you and aloha

      • LOve a good slam!

  2. ha you tell im!

  3. I know him not, but certainly he’s out of his mind to leave a golden mind…
    Be blessed; glad to hear your scream; means the pain’s over

  4. Wow. Your writing shines! Your words are powerful. Great stuff.

    • Thank you Ms Grace. I am slamming for the rest of the month. Had to take the cobwebs off of some of these words. I have a strong one coming today. aloha Thanks for liking my book aloha

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