Posted by: marilynmendoza | March 27, 2012

To Hiroki’s new girlfriend from his old one.Half of a slam poem

Sometimes, even I have words that hurt too much to write down. This is part of a slam poem that I wrote to a man I almost married. Wisely and with compassion he broke up with me. I could have done without being dumped with a Xmas card but in the end pain is still pain

Did you bring her home to see your shrine

You built to the women left behind

Will she still be smiling when you explode

at the way she cooks or wears her clothes

When you drive your car and suddenly blow up

will she still be sipping from your cup?

You stabbed me with pens

pulled me out of your bed

Is that the fate she’ll suffer when sharing your head?



  1. He who chose another to make his plate
    Should be the last you think of as a mate
    He who got attracted to another smile
    Should be sent by your beats to exile
    He who pulled you out of bed
    Should be kicked out of your head…
    He deserves neither your silver nor your gold
    Your a renewing stream and he’s a hollow trunk so old…

    (Your piece gave birth to these lines…Blessed you are)

    • Wow! you think like I do, He did stab me with a pen because I forgot to unclick it. He was a piece of work. Thank you for your poem aloha

      • Don’t thank me for something you were behind its birth…&great now you’ll never put down any pen unclicked even for a second…
        Blessed night

      • Blessed night for you. Blessed day for me aloha

      • O’ time difference; I always fall in its trap;
        it’s 1 a.m. here…have a great day ahead:)

      • I will luv aloha

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