Posted by: marilynmendoza | March 29, 2012

Internet man, a study of evil in a slam poem

This was my first angry slam. I allowed myself to be angry at another person instead of directing my anger inward.  It was also the first I performed at a slam event. I was so nervous but when I started slamming, the anger came back at this evil person who had hurt me and my family as well as many other women who became enmeshed in this snake charmer’s grasp. I escaped with my house trashed and my sanity in question. Why were my choices in men so wrong?  Was it me?  Then I wrote this and knew it was not me. It was him. Mr Evil. I hope all the women and men who have encountered such persons recognize this and leave before too much damage is done    Aloha




Internet man

Your scam is so grand

Open your mind

Leave the games far behind

You’re older than dirt

But continue to hurt

The opposite sex

And then you say next

Look at your rap and

Cut out the crap

You think you’re a stud


 Because you made me cry blood?


You’re only a tease


You don’t AIM to please


What you are is a sleaze


You go out all night


And say it’s all right


Your midnight flight


from wife to wife


brings all you touch strife


Internet man


Your harem so grand


All in your mind


You can’t be kind


Your heart has died


You are like a compound


That has been bombed


Feelings turned to dust


All that’s  left is rust


Internet man


You play all the scams


Your anger hidden amidst


A  fake email kiss


You try to act aloof


 But I know the truth


What you are is cold


You broke my hear of gold


 Internet man


 You are in hell







  1. FARE THEE NOT WELL–ominous words, great ending!

    • Thank you Connie. maybe I will perform it in the next slam event.

      • I’m changing it up for the next slam. the theme is comedy. We will be using mainly Habilitat Residents –and maybe one new guest per show.

      • cool, what about the other slams, first thurs or Fri ?

      • The next open mic slam is in May. The grand slam finals are in April. I’ve got my ticket to go on Thursday, April 5th to Fresh Cafe 831 Queen St.

      • What are the finals?

      • The winners of the previous year get one more chance to compete to be on the Slam Team that goes to the Mainland to represent Hawaii in the National tournament

  2. rap it sista! lol

    • I can rap and I can snap. and most of all my feet can tap lol thanks hun

      • i can bust a move! 😉

      • Me too. My new plan is to do salsa swing. basically really fast salsa. to dream the impossible dream? hea yea

      • salsa is sooo much fun! you will be sore and happy after!

  3. I believe that wise people are born from star dust and to star dust they turn as they exhaled their last breath… now that you mentioned he’s dust;
    hope you mean dirt dust not star dust:(
    &I loved your closing sentence

    • Thank you Mira Jay, I meant dirt dust. Star dust is for people who do not harm others aloha and thank you.

      • that’s what I wanted to hear..
        Enjoy your night dear

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