Posted by: marilynmendoza | March 30, 2012


This is the end of my Slamming month and I thought I would end it with a fable and a slam. Enjoy. I didn’t.

Once upon a disenchanted dream, there was a man named Juan

He lived in the land of sky blue water; he existed on spirits such as gin and bourbon

We got caught up in “Charlene’s” web, I was supposed to introduce him to my friend

A man without a plan like Mr Evil had

but it ended up just as bad

unspeakable acts in shades of grey

I thought I was supposed to be treated that way

1 week instead of 7 and a half

with enough pain to cast a spell that lasts

when on a plane back to paradise

Nora Jones was singing, and I started to cry

Why had I let thing go from bad to worse

I felt so hopeless, without any worth

Now, it’s just a fable, a dream

Life is like that,  hearts can seem

broken in bits with shards of glass

Now, to  me  Juan was just a pain in the ass

       Breaking down, building back up


Breaking me down, my self-esteem to the ground


The bourbon made you brave


Laid me in a grave


You talked about scars


You went too far


Mine can be erased


Yours must be faced


“You’re a dancer, you said,


Put your legs over your head”


Brought me to my knees


To hide your inadequacies


Attacked me to my core


You really went to war


Forgetting the time


You said love was blind


You said you needed me more than I needed you


You once said I was beautiful


Your eyes said it was true


You said I made you cry


But you’re dead deep inside


When I danced for you the very first day


My sexual power blew you away


Now you sit in your goodwill chair


And when I dance you pretend I m not there


Breaking me down to build you up


You aren’t worthy to drink for my cup


So sip your beer, I’ll go away


I’ll build myself up and forget you one day





  1. Loved your Slam Poetry. It really spoke to me, since I feel like “Juan’ is someone I was involved with.

    Very powerful and wonderfully written!

    • Thank you, I think we all had a Juan in our lives at one point. aloha

  2. lotsa pain in that!

    • a whole lotta, but I’m good now aloha

      • that’s great that you are good now! aloha!

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