Posted by: marilynmendoza | March 31, 2012


Thank you for staying with me throughout the month where I needed to get a lot of anger out and make a stand for speaking out no matter what happens to you in life. I call it sanity but for me, sanity is only a word. I function, I am living in my zen, my present and the past is only a dim memory now. This is because I let the toxic secrets out. I was courageous and didn’t think how people would think of me. Maybe it was less than courageous because when I wallowed in my illness, I wasn’t respected by the abusers or onlookers. I was the ultimate victim. Now I am the victor and I tell the truth for myself and for others who can’t speak out at the moment. Thanks to all that commented or participated. I end on my first rhyming poem. I was not healed but it was a first step.   Aloha


What is fear you say to me 

Fear is not being me 

Fear is blue night 

Fear is never right 

Fear is wrong, Fear is strong 

Terror, what’s that? 

I don’t know if I belong 

in this world where fear just grows 

to such strong heights 

The lonely sparrow who cries in the tear-stained night 

Who can save? 

What is brave? 

Can I be, fearless me? 



  1. Fear is our friend and not our enemy.
    Use it against your enemy and welcome it as your ally.
    Fear is only born from ignorance.
    So educate yourself dear friend
    I do not fear that which cannot harm me.
    That which cannot harm me is that which I do not fear.

  2. Grrrrrrrrr…. FEARLESS. YES! you can … and all that has to do with going through hard, tearful stuff.

    Stiff upper lips are good for applying make-up, but frankly, the LIP protects “one” from walking the road of the truth. Life is good and bad … no stuffing the bad under your lips. HAHA.

    • The road to truth is the way to sanity. stuffing is keeping toxic secrets. Thank you aloha

  3. “Fear is never right”, I’ve never thought of that before. Thanks for exposing me to the truth.

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