Posted by: marilynmendoza | April 3, 2012

The 7×7 Award

The 7×7 Award

First of all I want to thank for mentioning my name for this award. She has been very supportive in my endeavor to write a meaningful blog. She writes with passion and honesty and I feel very close to her journey

It might or might not be easy to tell anyone seven things about me you don’t know because I have written a tell all memoir and if you know it you know more than most of my non blog friends do but I will attempt it (what did I just write)?

1. I went to Spain to study Flamenco at age 23 (oh I just wrote about that in my last blog) ok, I didn’t succeed. But you could have guessed that. oh, I know. I ended up dancing Salsa on Spanish TV.

2. I can travel with only a small cache of cash. message me for ideas

3. I love dogs, I mean really, really love dogs

4. I dance by myself in the house (not naked because I don’t want to scare the dogs)

5. I can speak Spanish

6. I lived in Japan and the Philippines

7  I have a life partner who is 21 years younger than me and I’m not a cougar.

Now I want to mention some people on WP I think are wonderful poets, artists and friends. I hope you will visit their blogs because I go to their blogs to get mentally and spiritually stimulated. . 

One special friend is an astonishing poet and has been like a compress to my sore head is Divine Rhythm

A Dog With Fleas


Thinking Outside the Box


Rameshnanda’s Blog

Most of these are poetry and mental health blogs and one is a great teacher in England who has a great heart and love for the art of both teaching and writing. Thank you Mr. N.

Ps. I’m new to receiving any types of awards. or using a computer competently so thanks to my partner Jackson for his help in linking and forgive me for any mistakes.   aloha and mahalo thanks



  1. is…. who…?

    • read it now, Jackson helped me. Love ya

  2. ok. Got it now. (it wasn’t showing up the first time…)

    • Hope you are ok with me mentioning your blog

  3. You rock! Aloha! Love the facts sister … xo

    • the facts are not always the truth, but the facts I write are my truth. Thank you sister aloha

  4. Congratulations Marilyn. Just think where we were a year ago and the journey we have made since then. The best to you.

    • Yes, we are warriors

      • Yes, we are and we will continue to be. Best of luck to you mdf.

  5. Aloha!

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