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  • (Photo: Twitter)<br>In a recent opinion piece published in British tabloid, The Daily Mail, Brick wrote that her natural good looks and shiny blonde hair bring her more attention (both the good and bad kind) than most normal looking people ever receive.  Samantha brick, a 41-year-old from the UK, wrote an article for the Daily Mail describing how her life is decidedly difficult because she is just too pretty.
  • Here are some of the most outrageous quotes from Brick’s original Daily Mail article:”Throughout my adult life, I’ve regularly had bottles of bubbly or wine sent to my restaurant table by men I don’t know. Once, a well-dressed chap bought my train ticket when I was standing behind him in the queue, while there was another occasion when a charming gentleman paid my fare as I stepped out of a cab in Paris.”“Another time, as I was walking through London‘s Portobello Road market, I was tapped on the shoulder and presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers. Even bar tenders frequently shoo my credit card away when I try to settle my bill.”

    “I’m not smug and I’m no flirt, yet over the years I’ve been dropped by countless friends who felt threatened if I was merely in the presence of their other halves. If their partners dared to actually talk to me, a sudden chill would descend on the room.”

    “And most poignantly of all, not one girlfriend has ever asked me to be her bridesmaid. You’d think we women would applaud each other for taking pride in our appearances.”

    “I approached a mutual friend and discreetly enquired if I’d made a faux pas [towards a neighbor]. It seems the only crime I’ve committed is not leaving the house with a bag over my head.She doesn’t like me, I discovered, because she views me as a threat. The friend pointed out she is shorter, heavier and older than me.”

    “It was clear that when you have a female boss, it’s best to let them shine, but when you have a male boss, it’s a different game: I have written in the Mail on how I have flirted to get ahead at work, something I’m sure many women do.”

    “Now I’m 41 and probably one of very few women entering her fifth decade welcoming the decline of my looks. I can’t wait for the wrinkles and the grey hair that will help me blend into the background. Perhaps then the sisterhood will finally stop judging me so harshly on what I look like, and instead accept me

  • (Photo: Twitter / @stuheritage)<br>Samantha Brick posing with her French husband for her piece in the Daily Mail about the struggles of being too pretty.
  • (Photo: Twitter / @samanthabrick )<br>Samantha Brick, a 41-year-old from the UK, wrote an article for the Daily Mail describing how her life is decidedly difficult because she is just too pretty.
  • (Photo:<br>&quot;After entering puberty the weight dropped, the spots were controlled and the hair was dyed blonde. When you've been the ugly duckling, you notice when the world deems you a swan.&quot;
In a recent opinion piece published in British tabloid, The Daily Mail, Brick wrote that her natural good looks and shiny blonde hair bring her more attention (both the good and bad kind) than most normal looking people ever receive.
This article has caused an uproar all over the world. She compares herself to Angelina Jolie in that if Brad Pitt said he was handsome, there would be no press but if Angelina would, she would get the same bad press as Ms. Brick gets. This has caused dangerously high blood pressure around the world.  

In her Daily Mail article, Brick detailed how, throughout her 41 years, she has faced harrowing difficulties all because she is just too beautiful for other women to handle. Adoring attention from men, fabulous clothes and supreme confidence have made her the target of many women’s jealousies. Sarah Brick explained how all the presumably “lowly” women around her could never compete and, so, responded viciously in turn.

“The world would agree with Brad and Angelina because they actually ARE beautiful. This woman is NOT physically stunning and that is just a fact. Pooched out belly, thick stumpy legs, weak chin, high forehead…. I’m sorry but we commenters [sic] out here are not being cruel, we are simply not blind,” wrote one commentator from the U.S.

“But… you aren’t pretty. At all. Or at least, not photogenic. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but can you stop attention-seeking in a national newspaper now? People are losing their homes to a tornado in Texas and all you can do is complain about how your “good looks” (read: vapid personality) have ruined your life. I wouldn’t be half as mad, but you actually, seriously, 100% are not good-looking. Your delusion and self-centredness angers me. Get a life and some perspective, you sad, pathetic woman,” wrote another commentator from London.

I am writing about this article because I was wondering why so many people cared about how pretty or not pretty this woman is. I think her problem is not that she is delusional or too pretty, her problem is that she has tunnel vision.   If she wrote this article because she thinks she is so special and all these good and bad experiences are due to her looks, her problem is her personality. She was an “ugly duckling” who turned into a “swan” but she says she has natural good looks so she contradicted herself in her own article. She colors her hair as many women do so why does she refer to her “shiny blonde hair” as if she was born with it?  Her  problems are due to her thinking she was an ugly duckling and putting all her attention and value into her new “natural beauty.. Maybe she is delusional or maybe she is one of those people who are so self-centered they don’t realize they are putting people off because of how they treat others.

I have seen many beautiful women all over the world and I treat them the same as I would treat anyone else. What stands out to me and to most people is how they are treated. We all yearn for the world to be kind to us and this women pretty or not, does not have the empathy and sweetness I would require in a friend. Her self-centered persona reaches out to me in a death grasp. I would run from such a person because she is a soul sucker. I know those people. You know those people. They are unpleasant to be around because they suck all the air out of any room they enter.Every conversation revolves around them and they look through you when they speak. They are not listening.  Men as well as women have this deadly personality trait.

I have a mirror problem too. I see myself as not looking good enough. But I would much rather have this problem and know that my mission in life is not to look good but to be a good friend to others and to matter in the world. In the end, it’s not how much we acquire but the experiences in our life. Most people want the same things, to be acknowledged, respected and loved and if you give those gifts freely, I find people tend to forget how you look and you won’t be like Ms. Brick- too pretty for her own good.        by Marilyn M Mendoza, my writing is in bold Italics   Aloha



  1. Enjoyed your post! Great points.. 🙂

    • She’s on the today show right now so I will take a “look” for myself

    • Thank you Anastsia for stopping by. Didn’t know it would be such a big story. I was interested because as women we have a battle with our mirrors and I didn’t quite undertand her arogance.Thou protest too much?

  2. Sigh. Stop giving her attention, she already gives herself more than enough. Whether or not she is delusional, narcissistic or egocentric is debatable. There are other pressing matters worth debating however. The world (literally) has revolved around her 15 seconds too long. I’m curious, did she write this beautiful opinion piece on April Fools Day?

    • Aesthetically speaking, from an artist perspective, she is not great looking, but average. Her personality, however, makes her ugly. 

      Body dysmorphic disorder is my guess. Not real or imagined ugliness in this case, but the opposite. 

      • Yes, Risa, I also have a form of body dysmorphic disorder but although I am no pychiatrist I will atttempt to diagonose her with either or borderline personality disorder and dellusions of grandour. I have seen enough therapists to think this lol

    • Yes she did. But she was deadly serious. She is not akamai (smart( in Hawaiian to see herself with a true mirror- the one that shows the heart.

  3. Wow, such problems this woman has. Man, i am open-minded, but REALLY? Please, I am judgmental, and this woman is (a) ok-looking … but what do i know? or why should i care? and (b) giving herself too much credit for her looks.

    I’m thinking she may be a comic or something? Truly … is this for real? xo m

    • for real, and what is interesting is why this story has created such a fire-storm. Me thinks it has less to do with her outrageous bragging but how our society is so sensitive and preocupied with looks in general aloha

  4. i think i’m too pretty to read this article…lol 😉 wow, i agree with you, i think it may be the way she comes across to people that scare them off…not anything to do with looks!

    • I’m not pretty enough to write it lol

      • i think you are!

      • I thank you for that. Beauty is truly in the heart of the beholder

      • yes it is!

  5. I see a psycho obsessed by an empty beauty; I guess she needs to be cured of such a disease….
    Now Snow White’s story is driven to my mind;
    The ugliest witch stands alone conversing her mirror, “Mirror; mirror on the wall; who’s the prettiest of all?” &the mirror replies, “It’s you, your majesty”.. both knows deep inside that it’s nothing but a lie till the day the mirror asked the Lord forgiveness&bravely said the truth which killed the witch, for it couldn’t bleach her deep…

    • Mirrors have been in the news lately with 2 movies on Snow White. You my dear friend in a few words like poets do have gotten to the truth of the matter aloha

      • Yea; I’ve heard Julia Roberts is taking the witch part in one!…but to me there’ll be no mirror remembered more than yours…I’ll ever pay thanks for that mirror not on the wall for it has made of me a follower of yours…

      • I’m out of words for once. Thank you

  6. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” When I look at her she appears very normal looking. However, if she has been blessed with thoughtful gifts she should have embraced the moment if they were for the right reason. However, when a person cannot find their place in society they need to look at their inner beauty for “Beauty is only Skin Deep.” What people really care about is inner beauty of a person. That person who makes a wonderful friend. The person who has a true quality of living life and caring for fellow mankind regardless of looks. When one becomes devoured by vanity their life will decline and they cannot find happiness for vanity is one of the greatest sins. It doesn’t matter who likes you as long as you can like yourself and make your life productive. It’s time for all of society to forget about “Beautiful People” in regards to looks and start recognizing “Beautiful Actions of People” in our society.

    • I wish it were true dear friend but speaking as one of the homely ones and I say this with no self pity, I know that society judges a woman on how she conforms to the style and standard of beauty of the day. I do hope one day our society changes their perception of standardiized codes of beauty. Like Lauren Hutten? the model who refused to fix her teeth, to women of color gracing the covers of magazines, one day, the scarred, the disabled, and the plain women will be recognized for her uniqueness. To me, I think most of the models look the same. What is special about sameness? Let diversity be our standard of beauty. Wow. I can go oh and on. lol

  7. Was this London article written on April Fool’s Day? Seriously. I bet it’s a huge hoax. It has to be. ” Gosh, I keep getting flowers and gifts and I don’t have to pay for my coffee at Starbucks…and…and men open to door for me. Gosh I can’t wait until I get old so I won’t be so pretty and have all these problems.” You’re right. Either BPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or I’m thinking Histrionic Personality Disorder. The woman needs help. The rest of us can learn from this. We can stop giving preferential treatment to pretty people. They don’t like it. (Sorry it’s hard to take this seriously.)

    • Oh, it was April fools but this woman is for real, I think

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