Posted by: marilynmendoza | April 5, 2012

I’m sick of Samantha Brick yet…..

I wrote a tiny post about this story because I am involved in healing from trauma, abuse and one of my problems is body dysmorphic disorder and got so many views I decided to do some research. Ms. Brick was either spoofing the world or she does believe she is just  too pretty

And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah
I do my little turn on the catwalk
I’m too sexy for my car too sexy for my car

Sorry but this song just popped into my head and wouldn’t get out. At first I was thinking , how dare this woman tell me she’s too pretty when most women I know either feel that they are unattractive even if they aren’t or are so involved in making the world a better place they don’t notice they are stunning.  My friend N is an artist’s dream of physical beauty yet she spends her time with others who have less and treats them like more and you end up not noticing how beautiful her face is but notice how beautiful her heart is. I think when someone is kind to you, you often  forget that they have flaws or have fat thighs (like I do) or anything but the good in them.

Ms. Brick writes  about being an “ugly duckling” who turned into a natural beauty and that made me think she  had issues. Heck, I have issues. So, I did some research on the internet and watched a video of her on British TV where there was a younger more  attractive psychologist and an older woman host who were ready to tear her to pieces about her article. As I watched the video she started looking worse and worse yet I started having compassion for her  I then saw her vulnerability and her protests that all of these incidents of not having to pay her tab, getting flowers from strangers etc were over her 41 years and not a daily thing she said,and she now lives in the French countryside with her ten-year older husband and her experiences with women who shun her are  French women. Can all of her bluster be because she can’t get along well with older French women who I find to be very self-confident for the most part but can be intimidating?  Older women are valued in Europe. I also noted that Ms. Brick did not respond well to her attack by the women. She came off as being stubborn and childish.  There was something  about her when she spoke that made you notice her flaws. It was an emptiness of spirit. Could it be her who resents women? Could it be her who feels unattractive and protests too much. I only know I changed my feelings about this story and started feeling sorry for her. 

 As I continued watching I thought she didn’t seem to be sophisticated enough to know that she is disliked for reasons other than possible man stealing and that yes women dislike being  judged as man stealers.  Men can’t be taken without their permission. Modern women, and that includes anyone under 100  respond to respect and kindness and hate to be told what they are;  what they think before they have a chance to defend themselves. This is the most off-putting aspect of Ms. Brick, her condemnation of other women and how they hate her because she is  beautiful, bringing back the 80’s commercial. “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” yuck

I felt that Ms. Brick would do better in cultivating women’s friendships (she says she has no female friends) and know what female power is. We have been through a lot. We can help. We are not the enemy.  I ended up feeling sorry for this woman who is may or may not be delusional about her looks but mostly is a fish out of water in France. Maybe writing that she is beautiful and living in France with her rich husband and his children (yes, I listened) is not enough to fill her spirit and soul. Maybe this experience will help her look for beauty that is all around her and inside her and not make her appearance so vital. I know that helped my view on my imagined ugliness. I am happy now and Ms. Brick did not look at all happy to be so pretty.



  1. Hi Maya. Since seeing your post about Ms. Brick, I saw a clip on TV. The hoax I spoke of, well, I think the hoax is on her. Yes, she’s got some serious delusions and if we’re going to be decent human beings we must look at her predicament with compassion. Who knows what’s really going on? Maybe she’s got a chip on her shoulder, emitting some kind of aura that turns people off. Not having any friends, for whatever reason, is sad. I hope she’s getting counseling.

  2. Again Lady M.!!
    O’ You’re making of a freak of nature famous over wordpress; I guess now if she decides to blog over here, she’ll have so many followers:))
    &Please do me a favor; there are many around the world dying to have a piece of your golden heart, so please stop mentioning “ugliness”, it’s nothing but an illusion that has ate up your mind..
    Enjoy Easter dear

    • I guess it hit a nerve with me too. sorry, But I’m done lol

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