Posted by: marilynmendoza | April 30, 2012


Is this any way for a published author to act. Am I tired of talking, yea right.  Am I selling books. again ha ha ha. Ok, a few. But most of all I am doing what I always wanted to do; being my authentic self. I went to my local library to speak about getting published. read from my book and  answer questions. The last proved to be the hardest.  Selling books was dead last on the list. First of all my hood is a poor hood. Second is the  attendees did not have books to publish. I knew I was in trouble when I read from the funniest part of my memoir and only a few giggles could be heard. Ok, the loudest one was mine. Did I get flustered? Not at all. I live on the wild side of Oahu for 35 years and knew that these people would support me in spirit if not monetarily I got hugs, genuine thanks and compliments. Who needs money? Ok, I do, but not from people who can’t afford twenty bucks for a book. Heck, I can’t afford twenty bucks for a book. But as usual, I gave a good show, so much that someone asked me if I used to be a performer like before I was ancient.

Now, as you know, I have agoraphobia, which means getting ready is torture for me. I am also broke so when the Oprah magazine had a sample of a very expensive foundation makeup, I saved that magazine for this special day. Little did I realize that the shade would better suit an African-American women. No matter. I like orange, not on faces, but since I had no time and no choice I decided to stick with it.

So please don’t mind the orangey glow of my photos. After all, looks are not important. We worry and worry that someone will notice that we, I mean I am still breaking out after 60 but people don’t notice those types of things.  They are more interested in how you treat them and how you answer their questions. I also  found out a few things. The Q&A’s  from a more simple audience can be more difficult to tackle  than those from a more sophisticated one.  I pride myself on trying to please and answer the most disjointed questions, but in this particular talk, there were a few I had to pause on and ask “What do you mean”?  This is not a bad thing. I learned something.  I don’t know as much as I thought I did. Humility is always a good thing. . I learned that to be simple is sometimes better. What is a copyright exactly? I  know but when asked that way, it’s kind of  hard to explain. “Can I put photos in my book”  Sure! “I mean from Google Maps”. No, No, a thousand times NO, They are copyrighted.  Take your own photos Gleason. “But what if  I don’t have a camera?  What to say? What to say?

I now will ask my own disjointed questions. Why do I love Canada, though I’ve never been there? Is it the Mounties? or something I saw on Rin Tin Tin in the 50’s ? Oh Canada, I love thee.  Why don’t dogs have thumbs? I love all dogs even if they can’t text. I can’t text either but I have thumbs. What is a thumb exactly?  See? not so easy, eh?  Well, I did my best, sold a few books and discovered I don’t know all the answers, especially the simple ones.



  1. Funny as usual, and good tips. Oh dear, my friend … i’m working on getting PERMISSIONS for the 5th edition of a law book on Dispute Resolution: Alternatives to Litigation (that’s not the title) … the point is … FINDING the publishers of the articles we want to repeat is a TRIP (with acid effects). CCC and RightsLink seems to be the biggest middle man for all things RIGHTS.

    AND to your readers who are publishing. RIGHTS AREN’T FREE! And you need to know, cost of book, run (copies), run date, World rights or North America … pages and photos you want to use.

    IT IS A B****! So, whatever you can do YOURSELF! DO IT! XO melissa … just a frustrated copyright, drowning working gal.

    • HI M,
      Yes, I know. I was dilligent but looking for an unknown photographer of a photo I owneed but not the right to, almost did me in lol. ps I used it anyway with a lawyer’s advice. Good luck

  2. More laugh out loud wisdom from the grand-mammy of memoir. Keep ’em coming..! xxx

    • Do you like th pic with me on the table? oy vey! Thank’s, I think I have a new memoir in 80 posts lol

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