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This post is not about porn. Ok maybe a little bit. I went on Amazon to check out how my book above was doing and was informed that 50 Shades of Grey is in the top 3 of their bestselling books. I know that the book is about whips and chains and things and that women are fighting each other to read it. I even saw a TV show that said rope and non sticky tape were up like 100% this month which means there has been some acting out of scenes of the book in many bedrooms. Let me be clear. not mine. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a spanking; as long as I am the one doing it to a naughty child. I do not like to be bound in any way. I have a fear of this since a large girl sat on my chest and almost killed me in Junior High. Her name was Ella and she had a brother who had epilepsy and she thought my panic attack should be treated in a similar fashion, which meant sitting her fat ass on my chest. I never ever want to feel that helplessness again. But I am a liberal person. I don’t care what others do in the bedroom; and if bondage or whipping turns a woman on, so be it.  I just think some men might take it too far. Men tend to take things too far anyway and women are always in danger of that so I caution women to think twice about letting them be in charge of pain.

My present problem has to do with shades as well. Since I let my hair go “natural” I have almost 50 different shades of hair color, all ugly. The funny part that is not so funny is that the roots are white, but the rest keeps color; just not the one I want. Can someone write to me and instruct me what scientific formula makes hair pigment go white at the temple and then perversely end into 50 shades of grey. I saw the color wheel but never have seen so many ugly colors in my life. There is the dirty blonde, which sounds like porn but in my case is just dirty. There is the yellowish bleached out blonde, the brassy orange, the mousey brown and the yucky grey.  There are more shades but I will concentrate on the grey. I don’t think the book “50 shades of Grey” is a good title. Now MY book has a good title. A bookseller told me “From Agoraphobia to Zen” was a genius idea and did I really make it up myself. Yes, I did.  I would never put a color like grey in any of my books. It just doesn’t sound sexy. Grey is blah. Now 50 shades of Black, maybe or even golden brown sounds good, but grey; not so much.  I know, I know Grey is the guy who teaches the wench all the tricks in the S&M handbook. I guess there must be a handbook  just like there is one for hair color.  I just can’t afford to buy it. I tried to color my own hair with “Nice and Easy” It wasn’t nice and it wasn’t easy. My hair turned green.  Maybe Mr. Green has some tricks for the wench. But I guess Green is too nice a color for a book about kinky sex

Porn is a difficult subject for me. My father collected porn and I almost had a concussion when a box of it fell on my head when I was ten. I think that is a more interesting story than women who want to be manhandled. I have had a love/hate relationship with porn ever since. Now that I’m older, I don’t crave porn , sex or even food the way I used to. What I crave is a return to the golden blonde crowning glory of my youth instead of skulking around with 50 shades of bad hair color.Lest you think I am sexless, if there is a guy out there who is an expert colorist and willing to do my hair for free, I might agree to be tied up.



  1. as a hairstylist, you can’t really remove pigment from hair. that just grows out with age. all you can do is pic a lighter colour you like an either do highlights or low lights (low lights means using a darker colour)

    • Thank you hun. My hair is really a depressing mess. Can you do both highlights and low lights or is one solid color better? Aloha

      • you can do both, if you want too, it would work well as long as the colours you choose work nicely together. if you are buying colour from the store and you said your hair is grey, make sure you get a colour with grey coverage. 🙂

      • I am saving up to do it at a salon. Is white hair the same as grey. It looks white at the top and dirty blonde/brown/grey at the middle and brass at the ends. ay ay ay

  2. arm well your core; it never matters anywhere else grey evades
    Even in much more than 50 shades…
    Love & Light

    • invades*…..hate typos:(

    • love your rhyme. Peace and aloha dear friend

  3. I say cut the whole mess off! That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

    • I finally went to a colorist and hair is now blonde. I had to suffer and not eat too much this month so now I’m blonde And thinner. Yes, it cost. I did cut 3 inches off. Thanks

  4. The appearance of gray hair can be delayed by living a stress free live and also taking high amounts of antioxidants. ;

    My blog page

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