Posted by: marilynmendoza | July 3, 2012


I’m not a poet

I don’t string words for mild effect

or write romantic couplets


I am not a dancer

I don’t follow another’s step

or do neat leaps and pirouettes


I am the poem alive with fire

I am the flame of life’s desire

My body can interpret ancient texts

My rhythm moves with cleansing breath


I’m wild abandon like the night

Don’t do it well, or say it right

I’m not a poet; I live the word

that can disturb but must be heard

I am the heart that’s unsurpassed

I am the world that turns too fast

I am the age of seers long past

I wear the sign the love can last



  1. you are the gold that ain’t change its core….
    & I loved this one…keep the beat & let’s see this side of you more…
    Love & Light

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