Posted by: marilynmendoza | August 7, 2012

A short love poem – close to my 100th and final post

Dear Friends,

  I have started writing my new book so I will be ending this blog on the 100th post which will be soon. I want to thank the 5000 people who viewed my blog and those who commented and shared their talent with me. I will start a new blog to keep my friends informed but more importantly to keep in touch with the creativity here on WordPress as well as other social media sites. Here is a short poem written when I met my best and last partner of 4 years


Let’s run away to Bombay,Venice, Atlantis or Pompei

Let’s drift on boats on lazy seas

then feel the earth move under our feet

We’ll live in the now

never bow

to the constrictive voices of the crowd

Lets go away; just to play

forget the troubles of the day

hold me tight in the land of our roots

experience  euphoria that lives in the truth

I was unhappy, my mind adrift

needing someone to give me a lift

and then you arrived ; your karma defined

by deeds of kindness you leave behind

on coral  rocks we’ll touch ashore

and never be lonely anymore



  1. Lovely Maya

    • Hello stranger,
      Thanks for your comment. Did you check out the post before that. Not ready to make nice. thought of you after I wrote it. much warm Aloha Maya

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