Posted by: marilynmendoza | August 28, 2012

Sacred- a poem part one- to Linda

A hint. My new book will have Sacred in its title. Yes, I’ve started on the book. I’ve also been distracted by small stuff my anxiety turned into bigger stuff. I found out a friend who was in the first chapter of my memoir “From Agoraphobia to Zen” Linda, passed away twelve years ago. It jarred me for many reasons not the least being I portrayed her in her truth at the time and now I can’t explain to her why I needed to do that. She had been forgiven a long time ago but since I had lost track of her, I felt she was still on the planet if only because a fortune-teller had told her in my presence she would have a long life. This got me  thinking of other people who had inhabited my life and one in particular who will be in my next book.  I am still too raw to write about Linda, but this is dedicated to  her memory

Sacred and Profane

demons call my name

I awake with a start

fragments of a broken heart

was it so long ago

I don’t even know

when our bodies entwined

when I called you mine

I,  naked and sacred

You, profane in your blame

You went for the vein

A sad refrain

much blood was shed

and then I fled

to start again

I found my soul

filled up the holes

in a book of truth

never aloof

Now, Sacred is my name

stigma the profane

And I fight for the rights

of those without light

and I’ll never again

Idolize men



  1. Marilyn it is amazing what happens to a writer. Every time I write a book I loose someone who was in my life and affected my journey. I end up dedicating each book to someone I’ve just lost but I keep on writing. It just happened again this week. I haven’t written at all this week but now I’m getting ready to finish what I started.

  2. Yes, writing about your past can affect your present life. I am almost sure that writing that chapter helped me to heal, so in that way Linda helped me. Good luck Janice warm aloha

  3. I really loved this poem Marilyn, hope you are happy and well.

    Lorraine xx

    • Thank you Lorraine.
      I’m having a hiccup but it’s passing and I am excited to start on the new book Hope you and family are fine Warm aloha

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