Posted by: marilynmendoza | June 3, 2014

Poetry is an ac…

Poetry is an act of peace. – Pablo Neruda


I’ve been writing a kind of sequel to my memoir and came across this quote. I wrote poetry since I was young and it was my action of peace in a chaotic life. I used writing poetry and reading fairy tales as a way to soothe myself. Later on I used destructive ways such as gorging on food and getting married over and over. But my poetry was always a peaceful act even when my life was so terrible the tears would erase the words from the page. The poetry was within me. It was my soul talking without barriers. I never rated my poetry as either good or bad . I didn’t study the art of writing a poem. Much later I took one class in poetry and had to walk out because for me poetry was not meters, rhyme or verse; was not thought out methodically for effect. Poetry was something I did because I had to and I approached the art of poetry as mine alone. I didn’t want to share it for many years. It was too personal. But when I wrote that memoir that changed my life; my view on my other writing started to change. I saw that writing about my anxiety filled life made others feel something, even made them happy. And that was a revelation for me; that I can change someone in the world with words. I can create an act of peace in someone; a peace that I never had growing up, a peace I never had until recently. I don’t know if that is what Pablo Neruda meant by that quote but it is what I mean. And I am worthy to express my thoughts through poetry and other means. I never felt worthy until I felt peaceful. Aloha


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