Posted by: marilynmayamendoza | September 5, 2015

I should have been a hippie

I should have been a hippie because I love crystals and stones

And bright colors and rainbows, love and my mind’s already blown

I should have been a hippie but I’m Latina and my clothes had to match

So, I copped- out, wore pant suits and a Timex watch

I should have been a hippie but I was scared of drugs, pills and bad trips

But I had them anyway, even thrown in a ditch

I had a bad trip on acid but it wasn’t my fault

was slipped in a glass of wine taken from a vault

I should have went to Woodstock but I just had a baby and my mother said no

but Janis was there and I loved her so

I could have went to Woodstock, it could have been fun

But I hate mud and crowds of naked people who run

I should have been a hippie when it was the rage

and they went to Marrakech with backpacks and sage

I went to Spain with a trunk; studied Flamenco but I sucked

So I tied a bandana around my head and was a hippie in disguise

Men yelled and followed me so that wasn’t too wise

I could have been a Jewish American Princess with different kinds of strife

But we didn’t move to Queens,my mother was scared of life

So we stayed in the projects and I fought to fit in

as my other half, Latina,  blonde hair and a wide grin

I should have been myself but that took years and a few bottles of gin

I’m a hippie now and do what I want

I ignore the sneers and the bullying taunts

I embrace the life I’ve been given lose or win

I don’t care what other people think

But I tried to wear a dotted shirt and a skirt with a print

After a minute I changed, and here is the hint

I’m Latina not only from my dad, but deep within

And not to match my clothes would be more than a sin

I should have been a hippie and it’s not too late

I’ll be my unique self when I arrive at heavens gate


  1. I can totally relate to that. Cuban born, America raised in 60s. Fellow Latinas called me Cubana repentida, American friends told me I was different from other Cubans. As a teen it hurt to not fit in, as an adult my attitude is “I’m glad I didn’t fit in, that was the whole point of the hippie movement – being yourself

    • Thank you. I also was raised in the 60’s. I’m finally myself. Much Aloha

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